Using On Page SEO

If you have a website you want it to rank well with search engines. If it doesn't there is no use even having a website at all. So, on page seo techniques use SEO techniques to make sure those people searching will get a comprehensive list of sites (hopefully ours is on that list) to visit. The sites with the best information and the best optimization of keywords to search with are the ones that land on page one.

On Page SEO then is the practice of optimizing individual pages of your site in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic when it comes to search engines. It not only refers to the content of each page, but also to the HTML (the hypertext markup language which is a system of tagging text files for things like font, graphics, hyperlink effects and colour) of each page.

When the World Wide Web first started up, websites were busy stuffing themselves full of keywords. While they are still important today, they won't necessarily do anything to boost a ranking alone. In fact, they may just do the opposite and inhibit content and usability of the site for users. No users means bad rankings and if no one is looking at your content, you aren't going to be selling anything to anyone either.

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